"The Voice for the World's Waters"

Waterkeeper Alliance

Although Edward James Olmos has always had ties to environmentalism, in the wake of the BP Gulf oil spill he became (and remains) an active and vocal supporter of Waterkeeper Alliance in particular.

Founded by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Waterkeeper Alliance is a non-profit, environmental group that is dedicated to protecting global waterways from pollution. The organization provides support for "waterkeepers," ordinary citizens who patrol lakes, rivers, and seas, watching out for pollution and quickly becoming "The Voice for the World's Waters."

Put simply, Waterkeeper's goal is for our waters to be "fishable, swimmable and drinkable," which pits them against polluters and their powerful lobby in a fight to do what's in the best interest of all living creatures.

"I believe this generation should make every responsible effort to leave this planet environmentally sound for the next generation. They deserve that."

– Edward James Olmos, Thunderclap campaign

To that end, Mr. Olmos does what he can to help.

In addition to attending fundraising events, he regularly using his social networking outlets -- Twitter and Facebook -- to passionately "rally the troops." He does PSAs to carry the message of Waterkeeper, which is meant to enlighten and educate, and continues to issue a mandate of taking personal responsibility and stepping up to demand accountability from those who break environmental laws.

"The men & women of Waterkeeper Alliance stand up against these unspeakable acts of corporate pollution every single day. They are local citizens who have just said, 'enough is enough, you can't do this to our waterway any longer!'"

– Edward James Olmos, Thunderclap campaign

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