A deadly plague sweeps the Earth, all save a group of scientists and military personnel at an Antartic base.

EJO's Role

Edward James Olmos in Virus

Edward James Olmos portrays the passionate Captain Lopez, a man with a talent for dancing and playing the piano.

The Numbers

Virus opened in Japan on June 26, 1980. It never released theatrically in the United States though it did in France, West Germany and Portugal.

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  • Virus is alternatively entitled Day of Resurrection. The original Japanese title is Fukkatsu No Hi

  • 1981 Awards of the Japanese Academy: Won Best Sound and was nominated for five other honors (Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Lighting and Best Music Score)
  • 1981 Minichi Film Concours: Won Best Sound Recording

My Take

Virus is your typical disaster film cheese from that era -- but it's great cheese!

Outside of the lead Japanese actor (Masao Kusakari) and Bo Svensen, Edward James Olmos seemed like the only person there to really work while the rest of the cast gave the expected stoic performance expected for the genre.

I'll admit, however, that I'm confused as to why a man named Captain Lopez represented the Soviet Union. Best I can come up with, and this is probably a stretch, that maybe he was a Cuban national who relocated to the USSR.

Anyway, I still say Virus is great cheese and if you love disaster films, you might as well give it a go!

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EJO began his entertainment career as lead singer of a band called Pacific Ocean.


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