The Los Angeles Marathon is Sunday and Bodie Olmos, Battlestar Galactica's "Hot Dog" and son of actor and activist Edward James Olmos, is running to benefit the American Cancer Society. 

To date, Bodie Olmos' fund-raising efforts have netted $7,500 and he reminded his followers today via Twitter of the upcoming race, advising, "(It's) less than 4 days left, please help support ACS and me this year at the LA Marathon ... XO."

In the last few weeks, Mr. Olmos' has repeatedly expressed his excitement and gratitude at the response of donors and supporters in tweets, and even filmed a video "thank you" in his final 10-mile training run (view here).

When the total hit $4,000 two weeks ago, Mr. Olmos fired off the following tweet: "THANK YOU EVERYONE!! MY HEART IS BEAMING AND SO SAY WE ALL!!!"

So say we all indeed! 

BSG fan or not, if you'd like to give, visit Bodie's Donations page.

Would be pretty awesome to see that total reach $8,000 before the race starts, don't you think?

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