The Judge


A judge is accused of murder and hires an unorthadox attorney who he's often at odds with to lead his defense.

EJO's Role

Edward James Olmos in Steve Martini's The Judge

Edward James Olmos plays the accused, Judge Armando Acosta.

The Numbers

"The Judge" originally aired on May 6, 2001.

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  • 2002 ALMA Awards: Edward James Olmos was nominated for Outstanding Actor/Actress in a Made for Television Movie or Miniseries
  • 2002 Edward Allan Poe Awards: Nominated for Best Television Feature or Miniseries


My Take

"The Judge" is above average television fair, Edward James Olmos' stoic performance reminiscent of Harrison Ford's turn in Presumed Innocent. Throughout most of the movie, you're never really sure if the judge is guilty or not. You don't want him to be, obviously, but there's always a lingering doubt as the story unfolds.

Sonia Braga works so well as Olmos' on-screen wife – and she's a pro at it by now, having played his spouse three times now ("American Family" and Roosters).

Chris Noth of "Law and Order" fame is solid as the defense attorney, Paul Madriani, and Lolita Davidovich is, as always, more than capable as Catherine Rosetti. Throw in a little Charles Durning as another member of the bench and you've got a great case of entertainment.

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