Edward James Olmos in PSA for Orange County Human Relations

VIDEO: Orange County Human Relations PSA

May 11, 2013

Edward James Olmos (EJO) appears in a public service announcement for Orange County Human Relations.

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Edward James Olmos in Waterkeeper Alliance PSA

EJO in new PSA: Why I’m A Waterkeeper

March 26, 2013

In a new public service announcement for Waterkeeper Alliance, Edward James Olmos talks about why he’s a waterkeeper and encourages others to join in the efforts to protect our global waterways from polluters.

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Down Syndrome Association of Santa Barbara County

EJO part of awareness PSA for Down Syndrome Association

March 2, 2013

Back in October, Edward James Olmos lent his voice for PSA for National Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

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Edward James Olmos in Catholic Charities video

Video: EJO lends voice to Catholic Charities campaign

March 1, 2013

Edward James Olmos appears in video campaigning for New Mexico’s Catholic Charities’ Casa de Corazon, a facility to help “change futures in the heart of Albuquerque’s South Valley,” through self-sufficiency and education.

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EJO in Boys Club PSA

Blast from the Past: EJO in Boys Club PSA

February 20, 2013

Edward James Olmos in a public service announcement for the Boys Club — from the “Miami Vice” era.

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