"There is only one race... That is the Human Race, period"

Battlestar Galactica at the U.N.

In March 2009, Edward James Olmos, along with "Battlestar Galactica" co-star Mary McDonnell, and series creators Ronald D. Moore and David Eick were invited to the United Nations to discuss current issues that the show addressed during its run.

During the proceedings, Mr. Olmos took the opportunity to speak out against the use of race as a "cultural determinant." On the floor of the U.N., he declared "There is only one race... That is the Human Race, period," and followed it up with a series of "So say we alls!" that the audience enthusiastically chanted in return.

He broached the subject again at the 2010 Dallas Comic Con I attended and received yet another enthusiastic response from fans.

This is not a new issue for Mr. Olmos. He has championed the celebration of the diversity of culture over the division of race for "37 years of my adult life," he said at the U.N. event.

"All of us – whether we're white, black, brown or red – belong to just one race. We divided ourselves as races 600 years ago. It was a big mistake.

"If there's any legacy that I would like to leave behind, it's an awareness that there is only one race [in this world]."

– Edward James Olmos, The Sun Daily

It's a concept that certainly struck a chord with me and made me acutely aware of how divisive the word really is in our world. He motivated me to exercise more care in how I use it in my own speech, and inspired me to spread the words to others.

Hopefully, he will inspire you, too.

Sources: 1) The official U.N. Webcast (RealMedia); 2) The Sun Daily (Maylaysia): One Outspoken Latino

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