With just a little over 30 hours to go (at the time of this post) before the Los Angeles Marathon begins, Bodie Olmos' fund-raising efforts for the American Cancer Society are a mere $250 away from reaching $8,000.

The last couple of weeks have seen a windfall of donations but time is dwindling for you to make a contribution to Mr. Olmos' campaign to support cancer research, which comes in conjunction with his participating in Sunday's race. Donations are still being taken at Bodie's donations page at Active.com if you'd like to join the others who've given to this worthy cause.

I want to stress that it doesn't matter how much you give because every single cent given counts in the battle against this disease. And if you need a little extra encouragement, check out the "thank you" video (right) Mr. Olmos filmed for supporters and donors on his final 10-mile training run.

To Bodie, I say thank you again for everything, most of all for running for those of us who can't and whose lives have have been touched in some fashion by cancer. May God bless and keep you and see you all the way to the finish line with a smile on your face and unrelenting joy in your heart. You're simply amazing!

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