My Family


My Family spins an energetic and epic tale of a Mexican-American family's ups and downs over a 30 year period.

EJO's Role

Edward James Olmos in My Family

Edward James Olmos plays the eldest son, Paco, who is a writer and serves as narrator of the film.

The Numbers

My Family opened on May 3, 1995.

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  • 1996 Academy Awards: Nominated for an Oscar for Best Makeup.
  • 1995 Casting Society of America: Nominated for the Artios Award for Best Casting for Feature Film (Drama).
  • 1996 Independent Spirit Awards: two nominations (Jimmy Smits for Best Male Lead and Jennifer Lopez for Best Supporting Female)
  • 1995 NCLR Bravo Awards: Won the Bravo Award for Outstanding Feature Film
  • 1995 San Sebastian International Film Festival: Won the OCIC Award (Gregory Nava) and was nominated for the Golden Seashell (Gregory Nava)
  • 1996 Young Artist Awards: Won Best Young Supporting Actor in a Feature Film (Jonathan Hernandez)


Edward James Olmos in My Family

My Take

My Family is one of my favorite movies featuring Edward James Olmos. It's a heart-warming tale of a Mexican-American family's journey through life. It tugs at the heart strings and comes with some truly wonderful laughs. What's more, the actors are absolutely amazing and perfectly cast.

I simply can't recommend this film enough to fans of Mr. Olmos, or those who just want a really good movie to watch. It's a wonderful way to spend a couple hours.

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