The Green Hornet


Rich and careless playboy Britt Reid grows up and dons the mantle of the Green Hornet after his father's death, fighting alongside his equally masked sidekick Kato.

EJO's Role

Edward James Olmos in The Green Hornet

Edward James Olmos plays Michael Axford, editor of the newspaper owned by Reid. Axford offers sage advice to the young Reid, and can only hope that he heeds it.

The Numbers

The Green Hornet was released on January 14, 2011, and earned an estimated $228.3 million worldwide in theatrical release.

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Edward James Olmos and Seth Rogen in The Green Hornet

My Take

The Green Hornet may not be a great film, but it is a fun one.

If you go into watching it thinking you're going to see something along the lines of The Dark Knight then you'll be disappointed as the movie plays it for laughs. It's cheeky and campy but in a way that isn't horribly cheesy.

Mr. Olmos plays newspaper editor Mike Axford. We see him in only a couple scenes (though the Blu-ray version of the movie does have one more deleted scene with him), but he owns the screen when he's on it. Several critics said he was under used and I'd agree with that assessment. I felt that character had something to say that never had the chance to be said.

Still The Green Hornet is well worth the watch for some laughs and joyful entertainment. And, it's rather nice to see Mr. Olmos back on the big screen.

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