Gina Rodriguez in Filly Brown

Indiewire and other news outlets are reporting that Filly Brown has posted a solid opening weekend, netting an estimated $1.3 million in its limited release.

The movie debuted on 188 screens across the country and according to the report, ended up No. 4 amongst films that opened in less than 500 theaters. Indiewire called Filly Brown's box office take "impressive."

According to the Indiewire report, the film's release is expected to expand this week and moviegoers polled by Cinemascore gave Filly Brown an "A-". The report also states that more than "20 locations had the film as their #1 grosser" and that the Sundance darling at those locations had outgrossed "Oblivion," which was the overall box office champ for the weekend.

Box Office Mojo currently places Filly Brown at No. 13 for the weekend, grossing an average of $7,250 per screen in this, its first week of release. Final numbers will be available tomorrow.

The music drama stars the highly praised Gina Rodriguez, who portrays the title character, Majo Tonorio, a young, hip-hop artist reaching for her dreams while trying not to compromise herself, her friends and family. Rodriguez's co-stars include 1989 Oscar-nominee Edward James Olmos, Lou Diamond Phillips, and the late Jenni Rivera, who tragically died in a plane crash in December.

Filly Brown is directed by Michael D. Olmos (son of EJO) and Youssef Delara, who also wrote the film. Mico Olmos, also EJO's son, was a producer on the film and collaborated on the soundtrack. Another of EJO's sons, Bodie, makes an appearance in the film.

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