According to an article at, the Filly Brown soundtrack will feature a duet of Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera and Edward James Olmos.

The duet with Rivera and Mr. Olmos is entitled "Hurts So Bad" and was written by Arthur Dominguez, Mr. Olmos, Mico Olmos, Chris Perez, Edward Rios, Jenni Rivera, and David Salas, who also performs on the track.

Mico Olmos also serves as a producer of the film (along with his father) and his brother, Michael, shares the director's chair with Youssef Delara, who penned the script.

Mr. Olmos' Stand and Deliver co-star Lou Diamond Phillips also has a role in the film, playing the father of Filly Brown. And in keeping it in the family, another Olmos son, Bodie, has a cameo role and is joined by his and Mr. Olmos' fellow Battlestar Galactica stars Jamie Bamber and Kerry Norton.

Filly Brown made its debut last week at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, and Gina Rodriguez's performance as the title character has generated a lot of early praise.

Video (Sundance)

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