There's busy then there's Edward James Olmos' kind of busy. Check out what all the man of seemingly boundless energy has been up to the last few weeks:

PADRES Parents Against Cancer

On the 15th of this month, Mr. Olmos attended the PADRES Parents Against Cancer fund-raiser in Vegas. The benefit was to raise funds to help Latino children with cancer and their families. During the event, Mr. Olmos found himself as part of an auction and will be back in Vegas this weekend to be a waiter, along with George Lopez, for the auction winner, Giselle Fernandez. According to a report in the Las Vegas Sun, there was a bit of a bidding war between Fernandez and event host Eva Longoria. Mr. Olmos will apparently be filling his "waiter" role this weekend in Vegas.

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Mission High School (San Francisco)

On Monday, Mr. Olmos joined Mission High School grad Carlos Santana at an event organized by the non-profit Milagro Foundation to celebrate the school's academic achievements. Mr. Olmos and Mr. Santana spoke to the more than 700 students attending, offering advice on life and success.

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Central Washington University.

Mr. Olmos on Wednesday delivered his "We're All in the Same Gang" presentation at Central Washington University.

Other EJO Spotting

  • According to an article at Inquirer Entertainment website, Mr. Olmos was spotted at a gala marking the 10th anniversary of the William J. Clinton Foundation. The event was held at the Hollywood Palladium on Oct. 13.
  • In an article at, Mr. Olmos talks about his pride in his roots of East L.A.
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