Edward James Olmos joined the inaugural #MovieNightTweet on Twitter last night, watching Blade Runner with fans and sharing his thoughts and providing insights into the film and production.

Arranged by Monday Nights at Seven director Marty Sader, the evening started out 33 minutes from showtime with a tweet from Mr. Olmos to "START THE FRAKKING CLOCKS...," a reference to the first episode of Battlestar Galactica, "33," where cylons were attacking the ragtag fleet of humans every 33 minutes. 

The clocks started, then the movie, and from there, everyone joined in a massive tweetfest with fans offering opinions and observations, and asking questions which Mr. Olmos graciously answered.

Amongst trivia learned from Mr. Olmos during the screening:

  • He was 34 when he landed the role of Gaff
  • He made all the origami figures but the unicorn
  • The origami chicken was just something he did during the scene
  • He did the design of Gaff's hair, skin, eyes, and language, and most of Gaff's clothing

Fans were effusive in their thanks to Mr. Olmos for participating and Mr. Sader for setting up the event.

Mr. Olmos expressed his own gratitude to the fans and Mr. Sader, tweeting, "I really want to thank all of you and especially Marty for doing this ... I love it."

As the night wrapped up, Mr. Olmos replied to fan @JohnCarney's observation. "What a great way to spend an evening, with such passionate people," Carney tweeted, to which Mr. Olmos replied, "I totally agree ... what a night.  One I will forever remember ... thank you all for this kindness and respect."

More than 60 people voted in the poll designed to get a headcount, but turnout seemed far greater from the number of tweets. One tweeter estimated some 200 joined in the fun. 

If you're interested in taking part in future #MovieNightTweet events, follow @OneNoteMule (Marty Sader) on Twitter.

If you'd like to follow Mr. Olmos, his Twitter handle is @EdwardJOlmos.

* Picture used with permission of Mr. Sader and Mr. Olmos

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