Flanked by his filmmaker son Michael D. Olmos and noted comic artist, editor and writer Bob Layton, Edward James Olmos announced a new superhero film project from Olmos Productions Saturday.

"We're going to try to do for the superhero genre what Edward has done through science fiction with Battlestar Galactica," said producer, writer and director Michael D. Olmos.

Entitled Mettle, the story centers around a superhero whose powers are a result of experiments done on him during captivity in North Vietnam. The premise has the hero learning to use his powers then some years later losing them after a catastrophic injury. This leaves him to learn how to live without them and also to cope with the post-traumatic stress disorder that comes from his past -- matters that are complicated when he's once again called into action and enters the fray without his abilities.

Comic writer, artist and editor Layton (known for his work on the re-imagining of Iron Man) is collaborating on the project and noted the uniqueness of having a superhero actually confront the psychological fallout of a life of fighting crime. He later revealed the film's tagline as "When you have nothing to live for, find something to die for."

Edward James Olmos is to star as the lead, portraying all versions of the character over the 30-year time span of the story. The team said they would rely on technology to help accomplish the task, and that a comic series would be released in conjunction with the project.

Layton said he and Michael D. Olmos put their heads together to come up with a story because Michael had had been looking for a project for his father where he could "elevate the genre."

The trio spoke enthusiastically about Mettle during a special panel at Comicpalooza in Houston and appeared to pique the interest of comic and superhero fans in the audience.

On Sunday, Edward James Olmos spoke a bit further about the project during a Q&A panel and, at one point, exclaimed his excitement with a shout: "I get to be a superhero!"

The audience cheered and applauded.

**Michael D. Olmos is the Vice President of Motion Pictures for Olmos Productions.

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