Eddie James &
the Pacific Ocean

Did you know that Edward James Olmos had a musical streak? Did you know he was in a psychedelic rock band that played some of the hottest venues on the Sunset Strip in the '60s and '70s?

Well, he did.

Eddie James and the Pacific Ocean only cut one album entitled Purgatory and as someone who's heard it, I have to say they sound pretty darned good. All but two tracks ("Road to Hell" and "My Shrink") are covers and I particularly like their renditions of "16 Tons" and "Tracks of My Tears." I really love the original "My Shrink," and the vocals on "Road to Hell" have been compared to those of Iggy Pop.

Mr. Olmos, who fell in love with music as a teen, was lead singer and played keyboard for the band, and his love for entertaining eventually led him to his stage and screen career – can you say Zoot Suit?

If you can lay your hands on this album, you're lucky. It's out of print and pretty rare to find, which means it can cost a pretty penny. For an EJO fan, though, it's a must-have and may be worth some time spent on Google, or eBay.

The album was released in 1968 by the label VMC, and is classified as psychedelic rock.


Images of Mr. Olmos performing are courtesy of Betty at hollywoodagogo.com.

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EJO began his entertainment career as lead singer of a band called Pacific Ocean.


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