****** SPOILER ALERT ******

That'll teach me to not trust my instincts when it comes to plot twists.

Several weeks ago, I first entertained the notion that Edward James Olmos' Professor Gellar wasn't alive, and this week's DEXTER confirmed it. At what point he was killed or if he was ever actually involved in any of the Dooms Day Killer murders, we don't yet know. A video interview with the writer, however, suggests that Gellar wasn't directly involved in any of the killings.

One thing is clear, Travis' dark passenger has taken on Gellar's form.

I've toyed with offering up my thoughts on Gellar's mortal state, but I've resisted because I wasn't quite confident enough to publicly give it voice. I don't regret that because it's an awesome twist that hopefully caught a lot of people by surprise.

It certainly answered the questions I had proposed in my last post regarding DEXTER -- Dexter Morgan can't catch Professor Gellar and Travis was indeed untrustworthy.

Another thing's for certain, Dexter isn't going to be happy about being duped and for Travis, there's gonna be hell to pay.

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