Things are heating up on DEXTER as Michael C. Hall's Dexter Morgan prepares to finally engage Edward James Olmos' Professor Gellar.

So far, most of the action has been of the detecting variety with some interaction between Gellar's malleable protege Travis (Colin Hanks) and Dexter. But things began changing with last week's episode, when Dexter tried to beard the lion in his den and failed.

Dexter has faced off with a number of worthy adversaries over the first five seasons -- most notably last season's Trinity Killer as played by John Lithgow -- but Gellar promises to be the most intelligent to date. The sheer creativity of Gellar's kills separates him from the garden-variety serial killer, as he acts on what he believes is a divine mandate to bring about the end of the world.

Truly, there is nothing scarier than religion -- any religion -- run amok, and Gellar is the living personification of just that. We don't really know at this point what made Gellar the way he is and it may very well be irrelevant. What is clear is that he must be stopped and Dexter has a mind to do just that.

But can he?

Gellar has already proven himself a confident and slippery eel by calmly watching Dexter enter his lair then vanishing without making a sound.

And what about Travis? Is the murder of his sister, apparently at Gellar's hands, enough to truly shift his loyalties to Dexter, or is it just another move in Gellar's game plan?

There's only one way to find out -- tune into DEXTER on Sundays at 8 p.m. Central on Showtime.

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