You may not know it but Mico Olmos, son of Edward James Olmos, is a talented musician and just last week released his first record.

Entitled "In A Perfect World," the debut album by ATOMIX features Mico on the bass, lead guitars, and backing vocals; Tom "Fletch" Fletcher on guitars, lead and backing vocals; and Patrick Caccia on drums, percussion, and backing vocals.

The trio has been working the last several months on the tracks and they are ecstatic about the album's launch. The 39-year-old Mico says Fletcher and Caccia have big followings in Japan and Europe so they hope word will spread quickly about the album. Release of another six songs are planned within the next six months.

A confessed lover of the blues, Mico has been playing bass and guitars since he was 14. While in college in New York, he had the opportunity to play the blues circuit, landing gigs with Billy Parker's Jazz Ensemble, Michael Powers, GG Bee, and Bobby Bell, before returning to Los Angeles to start a family and join the film and music business, working with his father.

Mico also acts and produces films, but music -- the bass and guitar -- remains his first love. He has played with the likes of the legendary Carlos Santana, Steve Lukather, and members of the Commodores, and produced tracks Under the Pecos Pero Locos label for Caroline Rodriguez, Baby Bash, and Latin Grammy nominee El Juan Gotti with Edward E-Dub Rios, David Salas, and D.J. Dominator.

ATOMIX's Fletcher and Mico have collaborated on projects over the last 20 years and recently were joined by Caccia to create an album -- "In A Perfect World."

Fletcher, a Las Vegas native, shares Mico's passion for music. Falling in love with music at the age of 14, Fletcher mixed live shows and worked with Paul Anka's recording studio before heading to Los Angeles with the band Lodgic. The City of Angels afforded him plenty of opportunities to mix and make music, including working with Toto, Yes, Lukather, Hillary Duff, Jeff Beck, Infectious Grooves, Yngwie Malmsteen, Ozzy Osborne, and others. Fletcher also writes and sings his own songs.

Rounding out ATOMIX is drummer Caccia. After moving to the U.S. from Milan, Italy, in 2000, Caccia attended the Musicians Institute of Hollywood briefly before abandoning formal studies and hitting the road with Guitar Shorty. Between tours with the band, he played with Andy Vargas and spent time as an engineer and co-producer with Joey Heredia. He has served as drummer for Eric Sardinas band and in 2008, was featured on the band's CD playing drums and percussion, and singing background vocals. As a guest artist (percussion) on Steve Vai's Real Illusion Tour, he performed alongside Vai, Billy Sheehan, Jeremy Colson, Tony McAlpine, and Dave Weiner.

Fletcher and Caccia formed a partnership in 2010, mixing Caccia's first production. Then earlier this year, Fletcher, Caccia, and Mico formed ATOMIX and began working on "In A Perfect World."

"In A Perfect World" is currently available for download on iTunes and at

Other Album Credits:

Guitar solo on "Run Away" by Dan Schmale
Programming by ATOMIX
Produced by Dave Weiderman (executive producer)
Produced and Arranged by Tom Fletcher
Co-Produced by Patrick Caccia
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Tom Fletcher and CaveStudios-Los Angeles
Additional Engineering by Patrick Caccia
CD Art by Roni Stretch

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