It's time for a national holiday honoring Cesar Chavez.

The message of the legendary labor and civil rights leader for equality, solidarity and justice still resonates amongst Latinos and countless others. His strict adherence to non-violent campaigns for change aligns him with such revolutionary figures in history as Gandhi. 

It's time. 

"Cesar Chavez deserves to be honored with a National Holiday. His life is a beacon of light toward the advancements of all cultures. He gave more than he ever received. Lived the life of one who is truly enlightened by the wisdom embodied in love, kindness and forgiveness. He, like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa and others understood the meaning of non-violent social change and used it to elevate the Human Condition. His life should be nurtured into our future and emulated by generations to come. Cesar Chavez is truly a gift to humanity and we as a nation should celebrate his life at least once a year, by way of a National Legal Holiday. We ALL deserve it!"


Edward James Olmos

 January 2008

If you want to learn more about Mr. Chavez — and I hope you do — visit the

If you want to sign the petition in support of Cesar Chavez Day, visit

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